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About us: 


The Library at MICA, known as the Knowledge Exchange and Information Center (KEIC), is a comprehensive and modern facility designed to support learning, research, and information dissemination. With its state-of-the-art resources and access to renowned scholarly databases, the library provides a valuable space for students, faculty, and researchers. Additionally, its 24/7 facilities ensure that students and researchers can utilize the library at their convenience and have access to seamless information and reference services. The KEIC team at MICA is dedicated to providing a top-notch library experience and supporting the academic and research needs of the user community. 


The library offers a wide range of scholarly resources in various fields such as Advertising, Communication, Strategic Marketing, Management, Economics, Leadership, Social Science, IT, and Humanities. The subscription to national and international scholarly journals and magazines, as well as access to e-books, e-journals, and databases, ensures that users have access to the latest research and information in their respective areas of study. The inclusion of the MICA Archival collection, which consists of dissertations, theses, company reports, media files, projects, and back volumes of periodicals, further enhances the library's resources and makes it a valuable repository of knowledge.




22,278 +

Bound Volumes

3,354 +

Non-Book Material

2,211 +


12 +

Print Ad

19,510 +

TV Commercial

29,050 +



User Entitlements: 



Loan Period


Books (PGP/CCC)


14 Days

Rs. 10/- Per Day Per Item

Books (FPM)


30 Days



7 Days

Bound Volumes


7 Days



2 Days

Rs. 5/- Per Day

KEIC Membership:

KEIC members include the faculty, staff and students of MICA. KEIC membership is open to Alumni (PGDM, FPM, Faculty and Board member) based locally. Researchers (Ph.D. candidate) in Strategic Marketing and Communication can also become members at KEIC. Academic institutions as well as non-academic institutions can take a membership at KEIC.

Borrowing Membership:

Type of Membership Deposit
Loan Limit Annual Fees
Alumni (Local members only) 5000.00 2 books for 30 days 500.00
10000.00 4 books for 30 days
Researcher 5000.00 2 books for 30 days 1,000.00
10000.00 4 books for 30 days
Academic Institution 20000.00 4 books for 30 days 10,000.00
Institution (Non-academic) 40000.00 4 books for 30 days 20,000.00

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Quillbot  - Trial Access:

QuillBot is an academic writing platform that may be used to improve the clarity and professionalism of your writing by rephrasing phrases and sentences and summarizing lengthy passages. MICA is having trial access to the Premium version of Quillbot for a limited time period. Please follow the steps below to have access to the Quillbot, restricted for use only by MICA community:

01) Sign up using your official E-Mail ID and setup a password.
02) Click on the verification E-Mail you received to activate Premium.

Saient features of Quillbot 

Grammar Checker:
Ensure accurate grammar, do spell check, verify punctuation, and rectify numerous grammatical problems. Additionally, there is a complimentary essay checker, a grammar checker, and various other tools available to enhance academic success.

The multilingual paraphrasing tool helps you rewrite and improve the clarity of any sentence, paragraph, or article.

An all-in-one writing space that combines all of QuillBot’s tools in one location with built-in grammar checking, allowing you to paraphrase, summarize, research, create citations, and write your essay without having to shift between tools.

QuillBot Summarizer can seamlessly condense content with precision using features like paragraph mode, key point extraction, and the ability to create custom modes for a tailored summarization experience.

QuillBot Translator simplifies cross-language communication, ensuring accuracy and clarity in diverse contexts, making language barriers a thing of the past.

AI Detector:
Paste your text below to detect AI-generated content like ChatGPT, GPT-4, and Google Bard. QuillBot’s free AI detector will flag the text for further inspection and keeps your writing human.

Citation Generator:
Describe or evaluate your sources according to APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, etc., and let Scribbr’s Citation Generator find and fill in all the relevant information automatically.

QuillBot University:
Register for live webinars, learn methods for enhancing your academic writing, productivity, and leverage tools to improve your writing and research skills.

General Information:

Access to E-Resources:
All electronic resources, including e-books, e-journals, and databases, are accessible through websites and the KEIC Mobile application. You must install the mobile app from the Android/ apple play store. User credentials will be communicated individually.

Inter-Library Loan Service:
KEIC has institutional library collaboration through membership with various prestigious organizations i.e., IIM-A, IIT-Gn, DELNET and ADINET. One can visit such institutional libraries, borrow books, and access resources. We can also provide an inter-library loan facility by demanding books via delivery service. 

Reference and Information Service:
We provide personal assistance to all users seeking information catering to our collection, bibliography service, resource download, book search, or any other query through email, telephone, or in person.

Cyber Space:
KEIC is equipped with computing systems/personal cubical in its Cyber Lab, which is connected to the campus Wi-Fi network. Users can use this space for project work, assignments or browse e-resources.

Current Content & Update Services:
Content of the latest issues of periodicals is being provided through the Current content service. The latest insights, reports, and news from popular media houses, such as ET Prime, Ken, Euromonitor, etc., are provided through daily/weekly update services.

Plagiarism Check Service:
KEIC has institutional access to the Turnitin software package, through which we provide access and assistance on plagiarism detection and similarity check service.

Reading Facilities:
The General reading area has a unique seating facility with 150 students. We also have a discussion room and a lounge to relax.

Ask A Librarian:
This service lets you connect directly with the librarian for any queries. Email the librarian at keic@micamail.in, call on intercom 170, or meet at KEIC Information Desk to ask queries related to our resources and services or any general questions.

Opening Hours:
The KEIC functions 24x7, except on government holidays. It will remain closed from 6 AM to 9 AM on Sundays and Mondays for routine maintenance.

Staff Members:  

Dr. Shailesh Yagnik
Advisor - MIMI and KEIC
Email: shailesh.yagnik [at] micamail.in
Tel. Ext. No. 410 | +91-9327494530
Dr. Chintan Pandya
Email: chintan.pandya [at] micamail.in
Tel. Ext. No. 167 | +91-9428009866
Dr. Niraj Patel
Deputy Librarian
Section: Online Resources and Databases
Email: niraj.patel [at] micamail.in
Tel. Ext. No. 168 | +91-9327443081
Mr. Ashok Chauhan
Assistant Librarian
Section: Print Periodicals
Email: ashok.chauhan [at] micamail.in
Tel. Ext. No. 170 | +91-9712131202
Mr. Bhikhabhai Chauhan
Executive - Library
Section: Books, Media, Archives
Email: bhikhoo.chauhan [at] micamail.in
Tel. Ext. No. 170 | +91-9724325657
Mr. V. Sanjay Kumar Pillai
Sr. Library Professional
Section: Reference Service and RIM
Email: sanjay.pillai [at] micamail.in
Tel. Ext. No. 169 | +91-9904503897
Mr. Shubham Bhatt
Library Professional
Section: Books, Reference Services
Email: shubham.bhatt [at] micamail.in
Tel. Ext. No. 168 | +91-7990629364
Mr. Anil Chauhan
Shift Assistant
Section: Technical Process
Email: anil.chauhan [at] micamail.in
Tel. Ext. No. 170 | +91-9724325657

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